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Chairman's Message

As the founder and Chairman of Middle East International School (MIS), it is indeed a profound opportunity and distinct privilege to serve in the noble cause of providing quality education to our children. MIS is dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence, encouraging students to become independent and percep...

Bulletin Board

  • KG-2 Newsletter for March 2015 Date:04/03/2015

  • KG-1 Newsletter for March 2015 Date:04/03/2015

  • MIDDLE EAST INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Earns NCA CASI Accreditation Date:21/02/2015

  • MIS AdvancED Accreditation Date:27/01/2015

  • HIGH SCHOOL PROFILE (Revised) 2014-2015 Date:22/10/2014

  • Welcome Back Message from the Principal (2014-2015) Date:19/08/2014

  • Annual Report Executive Summary Date:14/08/2014

Welcome to MIS

The Middle East International School is a private school first established in 1994. The school offers American curricula Pre-K - 12 for all expatriate and local students within Qatar. Our diverse student population consists of boys and girls from more than 50 different nationalities. Our staff is just as diverse. MIS is an equal opportunity employer. Read more...

Vision & Mission

Today, in Qatar, we prepare students for their future, one that can hardly be imagined. What we know is that critical thinking skills will be crucial to their success. Theirs is a digital world; their future will ...
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Our mission is learning at high levels while integrating technology seamlessly throughout our curriculum, and for preparing our students to be competitive in the international community. To achieve our ...
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