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MIS introduces its new School Principal, Dr. JEFFREY PAUL WALKER


With pride and excitement, our MIS management is enthusiastic to introduce to the whole school community its newly appointed School Principal, Dr. Jeffrey Paul Walker!

Dr. Walker’s wealth of educational experience and extensive knowledge and passion in the field surely brings high hopes and an even brighter future to MIS.  Dr. Walker is from the United States of America and has built his career both in the US and internationally, with recent work experiences in China and Korea.  To cite a few, his credentials include a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership, 35 years of experience in the education business, where he also served a total of 17 years as a District Superintendent in USA.

Dr. Walker is expected to arrive by middle of August and will be welcomed by the Chairman, Mr. Salem Rashid Thani Al-Mohanadi, members of the Board of Trustees and the Administration staff.  Dr. Walker will officially be taking the position as MIS’s new school leader, effective this 2015-2016 school year and for the years to come.


MIS anticipates a successful school year ahead with the guidance, collaboration and support from Dr. Walker, as well as faculty and staff, as we continuously commit to the academic, social and emotional growth of every student in our care! 

AdvancED External Review Team Member

AdvancED External Review Team Member

I was chosen by Mr. Salem for the External Review Team of AdvancED as a Team Member for accreditation process of the Emirates Falcon International Private School in Al Ain, UAE. The visit was scheduled to be held from 4th -7th May, 2015. 

I had to participate in the AdvancED School Accreditation Process, based on my successful professional experience and the contributions that I would make to the team and to the school.  This was a valuable and beneficial activity for all those involved with the ultimate beneficiary such as students.

Responsibilities of the External Review Team Member

1.      Represent AdvancED during the External Review through professionalism and the highest level of integrity.

2.      Assess the school's adherence to the AdvancED Standards and policies through artifacts review, on-site interviews, and classroom observations.  The team will look for evidence of the following in particular:

a.     Adherence to the AdvancED Standards for Quality

b.     Implementation of continuous improvement process

c.     Effectiveness of the school’s methods to monitor and maintain quality assurance

3.       Provide high quality feedback to assist the school’s continuous improvement.

a.       Identify “Powerful Practices" and "Opportunities for Improvement”

b.      Develop “Improvement Priorities” (formerly known as “Required Actions”)

c.       Develop a brief exit report to be shared with the school community

d.      Prepare a final report, summarizing the team's findings.

I really enjoy the professionalism and the experience of being a team member of the AdvancED Accreditation process.  During the process, I have learnt a lot and I consider it an addition to my achievements. The School had all the standards of Quality that was needed by AdvancED.  We also interviewed all the stakeholders, observed classes and interacted with all the faculty members.  It was a life time opportunity of learning for me as an individual as well as a professional and in the end, left with a happy ending for us and for the school; we learnt more about teaching learning and the school got accredited for five years. The celebrations left good memories for us. The team members were certificates and valuable souvenirs by the school and the AdvancED External Review Team.

On this page, I am sharing a part of the email sent to me by the Lead Evaluator Mr. Phil Metcalf on 9th May, 2015


“External Review Team

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for the giving of your time and expertise at Emirates Falcon. I appreciate your participation and input into all that we did. We were a great team that really had an impact on the stakeholders. I also think we did the school a big service in providing them with guidance and suggestions through our actions we cited.

I hope you have a good rest of the school year and a wonderful summer! In-Shaa-Allah, our paths will cross again.


Take care and thanks for all you did to make the experience rewarding and enjoyable...



Marina Smith

Head f Department Social Studies.


Field Ttrip in Al Wakra Family Beach

Field trips serve one vital function as far as education is concerned. Field trips link the classroom experience with the outside world and in so doing they not only improve learning, but also give both the learner and educator valued practical experience (Jin and Lin, 2012).

           Last April 20, 21, 22, 2015, the Middle School students of Middle East International School went on a field trip in Al Wakra Family Beach at 7:30 to 10:30 AM. Initially, the main purpose of the said field trip was community service where the students will do a clean-up drive. But because the beach is not that dirty, the demonstrations of the US marines about some survival tips became the highlight of the field trip. This report is prepared to that effect. It shows the demonstrations and the lessons learned from the field trip conducted by the said US marines. This particular trip also intends at improving the knowledge of the students regarding some crisis management tips. During this trip, the students experienced through workshop how to stop bleeding and how to do first aid. The field trip owed its success to Ms Marah Ajoc, Physical Education Department Head; Ms Patrice Diakite, US Embassy Community Liason Officer who coordinated the US Marine; US Marine Marcelino Bautista and US Marine Sergeant Richard Ledesma with the assistance of Middle School teachers.

MIS AdvancED Accreditation


MIS AdvancED Accreditation


Following the school-wide effort in accreditation preparations and the successful External Review visit by the AdvancED team last December, 2014, we are very pleased to share the following message from AdvancED which was received yesterday January 26, 2015:


“The AdvancED Accreditation Commission met on January 22, 2015 and unanimously approved the team’s recommendation for accreditation for Middle East International School.  Congratulations!”


The official letter of accreditation and certificate will be formally received by February and MIS’s full accreditation status is evident in the AdvancED public website.


In light of this incredible news, on behalf of Chairman Mr. Salem Al-Mohanadi and Principal/CEO Dr. John Ramos, MIS would like to congratulate and thank all its faculty and staff as well as the parent and student community for their support and commitment in the entire accreditation process!




Thanks a lot for your help!



Winners of Sustainability Challenge for Qatar Students

DOHA, QATAR, December 8, 2014: The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) has announced the winners of the Qatar Environmental Sustainability Case Study Challenge at an evening event at the Qatar National Convention Center. The winning teams—the English Modern School Al Khor (EMS) for the secondary school competition, and Qatar University (QU) for the university competition—each won $10,000 prizes which will be given to the schools to put toward equipment purchases and scholarships.

 Yasir Al-Jamal, SC Acting Assistant Secretary General for Delivery Affairs, commented: “We congratulate Qatar University, the English Modern School, and all the teams who were finalists in this competition. Environmental sustainability is a key element of the Qatar National Vision 2030 and has been a central focus for the SC from the very beginning. It was exciting to see so many students with so many brilliant ideas for how the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar can generate enthusiasm about protecting the environment and even give rise to innovative ideas that can help Qatar meet its sustainability targets.”

The competition—which was open to all secondary schools and universities across the country—challenged teams to identify a pressing environmental challenge in Qatar, assess its impact on society, and develop a marketing campaign that will mobilize the country’s youth to get involved in solving the issue. The concepts were pitched to a panel of judges from the SC who assessed the projects based on a set of criteria that included quality of the research and originality of the marketing strategies.

 EMS’s concept proposed to tackle the challenge of solid waste management in Qatar through recycling campaigns targeting different communities across the country. The team’s presentation, which included an original video designed for YouTube, proposed starting a grassroots awareness campaign in local schools that would be reinforced by a mobile application teaching kids how to properly separate waste for recycling. While conducting their background research, the students from EMS surveyed almost 100 people in the community to learn about their current recycling knowledge.

 QU’s concept focused on protecting Qatar’s mangroves through conservation programs and awareness-raising initiatives. Taking a multi-faceted approached, the team’s concept coupled mangrove planting events with a high-profile awareness campaign involving Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, who has been involved in mangrove preservation efforts in the past. Highlighting the potential for football to encourage sustainable lifestyles, the team also proposed developing an eco-tourism program that would give fans who will be in Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ a chance visit the country’s mangrove forests and even contribute to protection efforts.

 The announcement of the winner followed a high level of participation from schools across Qatar, with more than 500 students registered as part of 22 university teams and 72 secondary school teams.

 The top four finalists in the secondary school competition included two teams from English Modern School’s Al Khor campus, the International School of London Qatar, and the Middle East International School. College of North Atlantic Qatar and Qatar University were the finalists in the university competition.

 In a surprise announcement during the awards ceremony, the SC doubled the prize money for the winning teams in recognition of the tremendous effort the teams put in to their presentations. The top teams will receive cash prizes amounting to US$ 10,000 for 1st place, US $6,000 for 2nd place, US$ 3,000 for 3rd place and US$ 1,000 for 4th place. University team awards include US$ 10,000 for 1st place and US$ 6,000 for 2nd place along with the chance of getting an internship placement with the SC and receiving further support to translate their concepts into national campaigns.

 The panel of judges was composed of sustainability and marketing experts from the SC and its programme management consultant, CH2M HILL. The panel included: Yasir Al-Jamal, SC Acting Assistant Secretary General for Delivery Affairs; Nasser Al Khater, SC Executive Director of Communications & Marketing; Dr. Talar Sahsuvaroglu, SC Environment & Sustainability Sr. Engineer; and Haris Moraitis, CH2M HILL’s Senior Sustainability Consultant to the SC.

 The Qatar Environmental Sustainability Case Study Challenge was developed in collaboration with EdVenture Partners (EVP), an organization that aims to get students more involved in science, technology, engineering, and math through project-based and experiential learning. Earlier this year EVP co-ordinated a similar challenge among North American college students, inviting them to design marketing campaigns to increase female participation in football in the years leading up to Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup™. This highly successful initiative saw 1,200 participants involved from 33 major colleges including Syracuse and Vanderbilt.

 Tony Sgro, CEO and Founder of EdVenture Partners, said: “We are very pleased to be working again with the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy to get young people involved in projects that will contribute to Qatar’s sustainability goals. At the same time, the case study challenge has tremendous educational benefits because it requires students to apply knowledge they learn in the classroom to real-world issues. I would like to congratulate the students from the winning teams at English Modern School and Qatar University for their innovative and exciting ideas and look forward to seeing them implemented in the months to come.”

 Commenting on the educational value of the Qatar Environmental Sustainability Case Study Challenge, Al Khater said, “This program requires young people to think critically and creatively about environmental sustainability. They are getting out of the classroom and into the community to conduct their research and, in the process, learning important communication and decision-making skills that will stay with them when they enter the job market. Initiatives like this one will surely help Qatar build up the high-quality talent we need to deliver an amazing FIFA World Cup in 2022, and we look forward to supporting more educational initiatives in the future.”






The whole MIS community is honored and proud of our grade-11 students who have distinguished our school by becoming finalists in the Environmental Sustainability in Qatarchallenge:


1) Belsam Mudathir (Coordinator)

2) Ahmed Omar

3) Nathan Belaye

4) Shazza Riaz


CONGRATULATIONS and good luck in the opportunity to present your case study before the Supreme Committee this coming Thursday, December 4th !!!


Global Study College Fair

On the 16th of September 2014, Global Study UK conducted a comprehensive college fair for the juniors and seniors of the Middle East International School. Present were representatives from ten organizations based in the UK and other parts of the Middle East. The following schools were in attendance: International Horizons College; Richmond University; The American College of Greece; Study Group; Leeds Metropolitan University; University of the West of Scotland; Heriot Watt University; University of Sunderland; Navitas; and The University of Sheffield. Representatives from the respective organizations spent time conversing with the students about their school and answering any queries. The representatives also distributed pamphlets and booklets with detailed information regarding the programs and majors offered at their school and the admission process and requirements.


The students were enthusiastic about attending the college fair and interacted with the representatives respectfully and appropriately. During the fair, the students engaged in conversations with each other regarding the information provided by the school. Students discussed their academic goals and the colleges they hoped to attend. The students also collected pamphlets and booklets to take home to review and discuss with their parents.


All in all, the Global Study UK college fair was quite successful and helpful; the information provided was extensive and detailed. The students have benefitted greatly from attending.

Get Excited!!!!

“Faith is the bird that feels the light while the dawn is still dark.”



Our students have been warmly received this year with a message that they are each an individual miracle – a special gift possessing unique gifts just waiting to be discovered and developed.  They are being encouraged to embrace their own value while giving appropriate value to the educational opportunities that they have here at MIS!  In other words, we want them to “feel the light” that is within them as well as around them in the form of teachers and resources.

Beyond themselves, we are also emphasizing to students the importance of valuing their fellow world citizens.  To this point, we are asking them to create a school-wide effort to support Qatar’s “Educate a Child” program, an initiative of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser geared towards providing a minimum education to the millions of children worldwide who currently receive no education at all.

We have provided a “toolbox” to our middle and high school students as well as all parents who attended the first Open House on September 7.  This handy list of resources includes an outline of the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” as well as Marion Wright Edelman’s “Lessons to My Children and Yours.”  These ides offer key habits and behaviors which, when put into practice, enrich lives and promote healthy accomplishment.

WE ARE EXCITED about the new school year and hope that you are too!


John J. Ramos, Sr., Ed.D.

Special notes - Please take time to review the Student Handbook available at

Please also see website to review the new school timings.

Please emphasize with your child/young adult the importance of reading!  The best preparation for the SAT’s is to read every day!

The AdvancED accreditation visit is coming!  This is important to each member of the MIS community, including you, because of the investment that you are making in your child/young adult.  Your support is vital!  Please watch for details.






There is reason to celebrate as our students accumulate awards while making their way upwards at the MODEL UNITED NATIONS. They are winning 'Best Delegates " in most categories, thereby taking our school's name to fame. We are indeed proud of them. Congrats to all our MUN Representatives...the students whose efforts/ participation was acknowledged in the Recess line up this afternoon. To name a few....Samuel Belaye of 11A won the Best Delegate, Aiman won a " Best delegate" and Fadwa of 11A won a special honor. Ahmed Tahir won " Mr. World" . All Thanks to Ms. Pagano for giving our students the exposure they deserve. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Really appreciate your hard work and am really glad to see your efforts getting crowned with success. May we continue to bring glory to our school.

Annual Sports Day 2014

Middle East International School held its annual Sports Day on March 5th and 6th, for students from KG through high school. Both days started with a parade around the school premise, and opened with different exercises and gymnastics drills. Students participated in the various activities organized and were chosen by skill and desire to participate, in an effort to include students of different athletic abilities. Various activities included: cheerleader performance, running, bouncing game, skipping and relay races, tug of war, volleyball (girls) and football (boys.) Awards were presented to the winning teams after the activities were complete. The event was facilitated and organized by the PE Department and all the staff were assigned duties per grade level.

Career fair For Senior Students

University visits: Almost every week, we host various international universities here at MIS. This allows the university representatives and the students the chance to meet face to face and discuss application requirements, programs details and college preparedness. Students who are interested in the particular university are given time to meet with the admissions officers, and are given contact information for help with their applications. All of these visits are reinforced by the school counselor, who is available to help students with all aspects of career planning - from career tests, essay writing support and admissions to scholarship searches and letters of recommendation. Since January, 2014, we have had the pleasure of welcoming the following universities:

Linden Tour (8 US universities came to MIS as a part of this world-wide tour) - January 16

American University Sharjah - February 17

Global Vision (8 UK universities came to MIS as a part of this world-wide tour) - March 11

Knowledge Zone UK - March 13

Swiss Education Council - March 25

University of Calgary, Qatar - April 1

Rochester Institute of Technology - April 2


Seniors who were applying to Northwestern were also able to visit the NU-Q campus at Qatar Foundation, and were able to direct, produce and present news stories in order to show some of the features of the communication and journalism programs available at NU-Q. 

International Day Year 2013-2014

International Day: On March 27, MIS hosted International Day on campus, in order to celebrate the diversity of the students and staff at MIS. Students gathered as an entire campus community to perform cultural skits, dances, etc. representing different continents. After this, parents and students went to their classrooms to share presentations, games and cultural artifacts from their home countries. Each classroom had a stall set up outside of their classroom with food, objects and information on the countries represented inside the class, and parents were welcome to walk throughout the school to join in our multicultural program! 

Dr. Ahmes Askia facilitates PD workshops for MIS Faculty

The Middle East International School was privileged last week by the two-day visit of National Urban Alliance’s (NUA) Chief of Staff, Dr. Ahmes Askia, who imparted her wealth of professional development experience and knowledge to the whole MIS teaching community and visiting faculty.  Her visit was supported by the American Consortium Center for Training (ACCT).


Her visit on November 13 and 14 included an actual sit-through in the classrooms during the day, to observe MIS’s learning environment and principles.  On each day of her visit, she gave a two-hour training for the teachers, which focuses on incorporating understanding of the brain into instructional practices as well as of the NUA’s five instructional strategies to accelerate student learning.


Her workshop sessions were split into two groups, catering first to the Middle and High School faculty and the latter to the Kindergarten and Elementary faculty.  MIS was also joined by some teaching staff from TNG (The Next Generation) Kindergarten, to share in the opportunity to both meet and learn from such a renowned professional development and education consultant as Dr. Askia.


Teachers from both schools praised the training, declaring that what they learned could be applied in their classrooms immediately.


The workshop facilitated by Dr. Askia was not only highly informative for the teachers in attendance, but it was also a lively and interactive learning experience for both groups.  Dr. Askia explained NUA’s belief that “intelligence is modifiable,” and she demonstrated various strategies and expounded on the four (4) stages of learning.


Despite her limited time of stay in Doha, MIS is looking forward to Dr. Askia’s next visit and training/workshop. ***