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School Uniform

Please be informed that the school uniforms are available for purchase at our designated tailor shops: 

  • Integral Services Company (near Old Airport)
Telephone:  4462-1331
Telephone:  4462-2114

With over 800 students needing their uniform from our school alone, it is important to get your uniform ordered as early as possible! Students are expected to be in their uniform each and every day with very few exceptions.  The uniform also includes a jacket - black with the school logo.  Jackets should conform to the uniform policy.


Some other important notes:
  • Standard sizes will be ready. 
  • Payment and collection of the uniforms is done directly at the tailor shop. 
  • You are encouraged to contact the tailor shop of your choice, prior to your visit.

A complete uniform set consists of:

  • Black pants with MIS logo on pocket
  • Specific polo shirt in color of section with logo on front, left
    • Light Blue (KG and and Elementary students)
    • Royal Blue (Middle School students)
    • Black (High School students)
  • Black shoes
  • PE uniform:  Uniform track pants and lightweight shirts with school logo from designated tailor
  • PE shoes:  Black tennis shoes are acceptable
  • For cooler weather, students should purchase the school jacket. This can be purchased through our tailors as well. 
  • High school students (Seniors) will design a hoodie/jacket that they can wear during their senior year.  It is pre-approved by the school as part of their uniform and something special for seniors.

No leggings/jeggings, sweatpants or yoga pants as substitute for the uniform pants will be accepted at any time.  These may not be worn at school.

No cleated soccer shoes should ever be worn on campus.  They damage our flooring.

No open toe shoes are ever acceptable.

Please remember:  We dress modestly and conservatively out of respect for the larger Muslim culture that we are a part of.