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The academic programs at each level are specific to the needs of MIS students based on their age and developmental levels as well as looking forward to the standards at the next level.

The Kindergarten experience begins with KG1 for students who are between the ages of 4-5 years old. This is followed by the play-based learning experiences based on the Common Core Standards starting with students who are five years old at KG2.

The Elementary experience further develops reading and writing skills essential for making the transition from learning to read to reading to learn. This transition happens for students sometime in the 2-4 grade experience and marks a significant change in their learning experience.

The Middle School experience offers students the opportunity to continue their content area learning as well as continuing to have experiences to prepare them for the future such as leadership, service and extra-curricular opportunities.

As student progress to the High School, the rigor of the programs increases as students prepare for post-secondary education. A keen focus on academics begins the first day of Grade 9. Students work throughout their high school career to prepare for entrance to esteemed academic programs around the world. In addition, students continue their personal growth through outside organizations like Model United Nations (MUN), Robotics, and Destination Imagination (DI).

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