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MIS makes every effort to ensure that our fees are "mid-market."  This means that we charge a fee that is not the highest, nor the lowest.  Our services also fall within the mid-market range in Doha.  Schools who provide less services may not be accredited or licensed while schools with more services may provide a pool or a high number of co-curricular options.  We feel that our mission is to provide the best education.  This education should prepare students for the university of their choice anywhere in the world.  Parents, then, make decisions about their student needs when it comes to developing special interests at high levels such as artistic, musical or athletic interests.  MIS offers a little of each of these, but encourages parents to seek opportunities in the greater Doha community as well.  These can be found on the Community Opportunities page.

In addition, MIS makes every effort to ensure our fee increases are minimal.  The following are the fee increases in the past years:

0% for 2014-15

2% for 2015-16

0% for 2016-17

0% for 2017-18

0% for 2018-19

0% for 2019-20

0% for 2020-21

The following are required fees for new students, as part of our admission and registration process:

Application/Placement Fee

QR 204

Registration Fee

QR 2550


Please note that the above fees are NONREFUNDABLE.

MIS collects the Application/Placement Fee when the student is called in for the admission test or KG assessment. In order for the application to be considered, it is important that the necessary documents are completed prior to their admission test/KG assessment schedule.

The Registration Fee will guarantee the seat reservation for any new student. Parents are expected to comply with the one-month deadline for registration payment, once the formalities of admission have been completed. MIS may opt to relinquish the available seat to another student, if there is no registration fee paid, after the given timeframe.

Tuition Fee Payment:

Tuition fees for the first term should be paid during the first month of September and preferably prior to the start of classes.

Likewise, tuition fees for the second term should be paid in February when the second semester begins.

Parents who receive partial/complete educational assistance from their employers are responsible for submitting the invoice to ensure payment of all school fees. Parents receiving education voucher assistance from the local ministry should provide a letter on this regard.

Any payment in check will be made under the name of Middle East International School (MIS) only. Post-dated checks are accepted at the discretion of the Business Manager. If the check is subsequently dishonored or returned, there will be a penalty charge of QR. 100/-.

A service charge of QR. 50/- per day may also be imposed on any late school fee payment after a final deadline.

No student will be allowed to attend school, until all requisite school fees have been paid in full.

The ministry approved tuition fee structure for the current school year is available in the Accounts Office.