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Current Vacancies

Please apply for any of the exciting opportunities below by emailing your resume and cover letter to:

Recruitment for the following school year have begun.  All candidates must have a relevant/teaching degree in the related field.  We are considering candidates who are only currently residing in Qatar.

Below are the anticipated list of vacancies for the 2024/25 school year:

  1. English & World History Teacher - high school (full-time)
  2. Math Teacher - middle school (full-time)
  3. French Teacher - elementary/middle school (full-time)
  4. Arabic Teacher - middle/high school (full-time)
  5. PE Teacher - male (full-time)

Our recruitment process, in general, includes the following steps to get started:

  1. Submit your resume and cover letter to
  2. If selected, you will be asked to complete a job application form.
  3. Once this job application is returned, you may be called in for an interview.
  4. For teaching positions, you may be asked to conduct a demonstration lesson.
  5. Once you interview (and conduct a demonstration lesson), we may check your references and then offer a position.

This is the beginning of the process.  There are additional steps.  However, we share this so that candidates know that we take hiring qualified individuals seriously and strictly adhere to this process.  Candidates can be eliminated at any step in the process as there are often multiple candidates participating in the process.

Thank you to all candidates who submit resumes and cover letters!

This page is updated regularly, so please check back again soon.