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Our Staff


Middle East International School has a wide cultural diversity when it comes to its teaching, administrative and support staff. There are a total of 20 different nationalities in Middle East International School teaching staff. Our teachers come to us from countries all over the globe: the United States, India, Pakistan, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Philippines, Greece, Canada and Syria. The 76 teaching faculty, excluding teacher assistants and administrative staff, play an important role in introducing our students to a global society given their unique cultural backgrounds and experiences.

The school makes sure that staff members, especially the new staff, are well introduced to the school mission, vision and core values starting from the recruitment process and then during the induction. Teachers participate in a professional development week each year where the mission, vision, and core values and the instructional strategies, classroom management, evaluation and culture are linked together. In addition, new teachers work with a mentor for the first year in order to ensure these concepts are reinforced. And, of course, subject coordinators play a vital role in reinforcing the mission, vision, and core values. Therefore, all teachers regardless of their different backgrounds, play an influential role in promoting the school mission, vision, and core values both inside and outside classrooms.

Two demographics stand out with our faculty. First, 52% have their master’s degree or higher. Second, the Middle East International School teachers are predominantly female, with only about 20% male teachers. Because of cultural sensitivity, there is an assumed preference for female over male teachers from the parent community.

Finally, it is important to share that our staff care for and encourage each student in a learning environment that strives to bring out the best in each individual.***