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MIS offers an equitable and competitive salary package, based on the candidate’s education qualifications and experience.

There are many benefits in working at MIS:

  • Work 180 days
  • Saturdays not traditionally used for meetings and/or PD
  • Breaks are evenly distributed throughout the year: Winter Break, Mid-Year Semester Break, Spring Break, and Eid holidays
  • Paid for substitute teaching in classes beyond the normal 20 periods per week
  • Subject Coordinators to assist with lesson planning and to develop teaching skills
  • Scope and sequence is complete providing teachers WHAT to teach and WHEN to teach it, leaving HOW to teach to the teacher's creativity
  • Working hours - less than 8 hours each day (work day begins at 7:00 a.m. and ends at 2:30 p.m.)
  • One to two periods vacant for prep-time daily
  • Various in-school professional development sessions to help teachers continue to grow
  • Involvement in the development of the school's strategic plans
  • Serve on school-wide accreditation committees
  • Yearly salary increments may be anticipated
  • Promotion based on skills, experience, and school leadership recommendations
  • Collaborative work environment
  • Shared core values (responsibility, integrity, community and empathy)

Local applicants under spouse or parent sponsorship will be offered a total salary, inclusive of special allowances such as airfare, however, with fewer additional benefits.

Overseas applicants, on the other hand, will be offered various compensation benefits which include accommodation, yearly air tickets, and health insurance in addition to their salary package.